Workshop: Air Quality in the Danube Border Area

May 17, 2012 - ICMET Craiova, Romania

Flyer Workshop

Papers presented in the workshop:

- ICMET-Craiova Presentation, Romania - Scientific Manager Dorin POPA;
- Presentation of the project „Joint Risk Monitoring during Emergencies in the Danube Area Border“ - eng. Adrian VINTILĂ, ICMET-Craiova, România;
- Monitoring air quality networks in Romania and Bulgaria - eng. Camelia Marinescu, ICMET-Craiova, România;
- Public information on air quality - eng. Claudiu NICOLA, ICMET-Craiova, România;
- Air quality analysis on the territory of Veliko Tarnovo region - eng. Vanya DIKOVA, RIEW – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria;
- Methodology for monitoring and analysis of emissions from point sources in the Veliko Tarnovo region - eng. Varban IVANOV, RIEW-Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria;
- Modelling of switching in a uninterruptible electrical energy system composed of multiple sources - PhD.student eng. Adrian Mugur SIMIONESCU, University of Craiova, România;
- Current state of the air in the Danube Border Area, Bulgaria - Еlena Grigorova, RIEW – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria;
- Problems and measures for improvement of the air quality in the Danube Border Area, Bulgaria - Kameliya Dzhanabetska, RIEW – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria;
- Shared Environmental Information System - eng. Adrian VINTILĂ, ICMET-Craiova, România;
- Effects of the air pollution on human health and ecosystems - eng. Cătălin Pîrlog, ICMET-Craiova, România;
-Trends and outlook for improving air quality - eng. Marcel NICOLA, ICMET-Craiova, România.

Photos from Workshop