"Transformer Condition Assessment, Maintenance and Diagnosis"

Under the auspices of CIGRÉ

WG D1.02 "High Voltage and Current Test and Measuring Technique"
30 September 2005, Eforie Nord


Invited lecturers



Eng.Ion Merfu General Manager, Transelectrica National Company, Bucharest
Eng.Ion Diaconu General Manager, SMART SA, Bucharest
Prof.Dr.Eng.Dorin Cristescu Polytechnica University Bucharest
Eng.Cornel Mondea General Manager, ELECTROPUTERE SA Craiova
Prof.Dr.Andrei Marinescu Scientific Manager, ICMET Craiova


Invited lecturers

Prof.Dr.habil.Eng. Ryszard Malewski
– Canada, Malewski Electric Consulting

Prof.Dr.Eng. Ernst Gockenbach
– Germany Hanover University
Chairman of CIGRÉ SC D1 "Materials and emerging technologies"

Prof.Dr.Eng. Stefan Tenbohlen
– Germany, Stuttgart University

Prof.Dr.Eng. Michael Muhr
– Austria, Graz University
Chairman of CIGRÉ WG D1.33 "HV testing and measuring techniques "

Prof.Dr.Eng.Eberhard Lemke/Eng.Thomas Strehl
– Germany, Lemke Diagnostics Company



1. Prof.Dr.Eng. Ryszard Malewski
"Power Transformer condition assessment"

2 . Prof.Dr.Eng StefanTenbohlen
"On-line condition assessment of transformers"

3 . Prof.Dr.Eng. Michael Muhr
"Tests and Investigations on Power Transformers

4 . Prof.Dr.Eng. Eberhard Lemke/
Eng.Thomas Strehl
"Modern, On-line Monitoring of Partial Discharges in Strategically Important, Large Power Transformers"

5 . Prof.Dr.Eng. Andrei Marinescu
"Romanian concerns in the field of power transformer testing and diagnosis"