Project title:



Acronym: SAREMF

Programul: CAPACITATI, din cadrul Planul National de Cercetare, Dezvoltare si Inovare – PN II

Project cathegory: Module I, type PI

Contract: no. 79/13.09.2007

Contracting authority: National Authority for Scientific Research

Contractor: Research Development and Testing National Institute for Electrical Engineering -ICMET Craiova

Director of project: Prof. Dr. Eng. Andrei Marinescu

Project development period: 13.09.2007 – 15.09.2009

Total value of the project:

- initial: 1490000 lei
- updated: 1468500 lei (march 2009)

Contact possibilities: Research – Development and Testing National Institute for Electrical Engineering ICMET Craiova
Contact person:

Prof. Dr. Andrei MARINESCU
Phone: 0040 351 404888, 0040 744 781025

Working team: 4 engineers, trained by Dr. J.Luc (SATIMO France) when putting the laboratory into operation and at SICOM Trieste, Italy

1. Prof.Dr. Marinescu Andrei
2. Eng. Mihai George
3. Eng. Dumbrava Ionel
4. Eng. Vargatu Catalin

Working program: Monday - Friday: 08:00 to 16:00

ST services offered by the new laboratory/installation (according to webpage):

1. Determination of SAR values for mobile phones in all the frequency bands between 450 and 2400 MHz and for all the available communication standards (GSM, CDMA, UMTS, DECT a.s.o.), in accordance with international norms (EN 50360 and IEC 62209-1, -2)
2. Comparison between the measured values and the values got by numerical simulation
3. Determination of mobile phone operating autonomy (characteristics of the supply battery) in relation with the operating duty of the corresponding terminal.
4. Preliminary assessment of SAR value
5. Test on small communication devices for short distance communications (WLAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee, a.s.o.)
6. Studies and tests on pacemaker-type implants
7. Terminal conformity assessment with respect to safety standards by calculating the radiated power and comparison between the experiments and numerical simulation

Access conditions for third-parties (access program, available documentations, access conditions/costs a.s.o.), etc.):
ICMET provides the scientific services required by clients on the basis on a contract (resulted from the inquiry and offer accepted by the customer).
The test result is contained in “Test Report” including explicitly the measurement uncertainty.
ICMET puts (for free) at the disposal of the interested high education institutions a monthly amount of 48 calculation hours for simulating the electromagnetic field penetration into human body by means of CST software, with a view to achieving some scientific communications / partnerships aiming at accessing European funds.

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