Invention fairs and exhibitions (medals gained)



- research in power efficiency field
- thermoelectric module applications
- equipment for harmonics filtration
- reactive power compensation equipment
- equipment with air filtering cyclone
- medium voltage metal-enclosed apparatus (electric cells)
- monitoring and control equipment for the pumping stations from the water supply public services
- researches on composites use in sliding bearings manufacture






Invention fairs and exhibitions (medals gained)

Silver medal - International Exhibition of Inventions - Geneva, 2000
Bronze medal -
International Fair of Inventions - London, 2000
"GENIUS" medal -
Olympiad of Inventors - Budapest, 2001
Bronze medal -
International Exhibition of Inventions - Geneva, 2001
Two silver medals -
International Exhibition of Invention - EUREKA 2001- Brussels
Silver medal -
International Exhibition of Inventions - Geneva, 2002
Gold medal -
International Exhibition of Inventions - EUREKA 2002

Bearing with composites for medium power electrical machines

Authors: eng. Marian Duta- ICMET Craiova
eng. Constantin Sandu - ICMET Craiova

This invention proposes the replacement of the classical rolling contact bearing with a sleeve-bearing system assembly, composed of a metallic holder made of steel, a sleeve made of plastic glass on which an anti-friction layer based on thermo-rigid resin with polytetrafluoroethylene or graphite powder as additive are deposited. It is used in high power electrical machine building, with H 250 -H 315 gauge.

Thermal tubes cooling equipment for medium power lasers

Author: eng. Marian Duta - ICMET Craiova
The invention refers to a new cooling system for medium power lasers.
The classical solution of the open circuit water cooling is replaced by a new cooling system, in which water circulates in closed circuit. The heat from inside the laser, released to the water from the cooling circuit, is exhausted to outside by means of thermal tubes. The water is used in closed circuit, it increases the laser reliability and the laser use becomes independent from the existence of the water source.

Thermal tube cooler for medium and high power transformers

Author: eng. Marian Duta - ICMET Craiova
The invention refers to a new type of cooler intended to replace the current cooling batteries fitting out the medium and high power transformers.
The main advantages of the new type of cooler are: improvement of oil cooling process and better heat transfer, with possibilities to recover thermal energy, increase of the cooling system efficiency and reliability, reducing of medium and high power transformer overall dimensions.



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