Since 1995, the Laboratory has been accredited by Romanian Accreditation Association-RENAR
( member of ILAC and EA) according to EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

International Fellowship: CIGRE WG 13.12

Applicant Member: STL (Short Circuit Testing Liaison)

The parameters of medium and high voltage apparatus tests have the following ranges:

Three-phase tests: Single-phase tests:
12 kV - 170 kA, 12 kV - 170 kA
72.5 kV - 25 kA

123 kV - 25 kA

170 kV - 15 kA

The parameters of low voltage apparatus tests and short-time withstand current tests:

Three-phase tests: Single-phase tests:
500 V- 135 kA/5s, 500 V - 320 kA/5s
860 V - 80 kA/5s 2000 V - 80 kA/5s

Direct Testing Circuit

  • Three Short Circuit Generators, each of them having 2500MVA 120kA for 0,5 s with parallel operation possibility
  • Six Three-Phase Units of Protection Circuit Breakers 12kV, 120kA
  • Three Single-Phase Units of Making Switches 12kV, 330kA
  • Nine Single-Phase Step Up Transformers 600MVA 12/12/25/51kV
  • Four Single-Phase Step Down Transformer 40MVA 10/0.125/0.25/0.5kV
  • Eight Test Cells
  • Capacitor bank for direct test facility: three-phase 36kV, 400A
  • Temperature-rise test installation, up to 10kA AC
  • HV Disconnector type pantograph test installation 525kV, 60kA/1s
  • AC Power Arc Test installation for insulator sets of 420kV, 50kA
  • Digital Measuring System 100MS/s, 16bit, 1GB Memory Channel, 24 Channels


  • Switching capacity test of the MV and HV circuit breakers, safety fuses, switch disconnectors and MV contactors
  • Dynamic and thermal stability test of HV and LV apparatus, line elements,
    cables and prefab cells
  • Ability to withstand the dynamic effects of short-circuit test of transformers rated up to 120MVA
  • Temperature rise tests of the current path of the electric apparatus, line components, bars with rated current up to 10 kA AC
  • Mechanical endurance test for circuit breakers, disconnectors and contactors
  • Temperature rise test on power transformers, reactors and instrument transformers
  • Mechanical endurance test for circuit breakers, disconnectors and contactors
  • Capacitive and inductive current switching tests on Circuit Breakers and Load Break Switches
  • Short-circuit tests on surge arresters, fittings, motors, reactors and Short-circuiting and Earthing systems
  • Special Tests: AC Power Arc Tests on Insulators Sets, Internal Electric Arc Test on Instrument Transformers, Prefabricated Substations, Switchgear
  • Measurement of the switching overvoltage level at the disconnecting of the
    inductive and capacitive loads in networks up to 420 kV


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