The collective is the result of close co-operation between ICMET and the German National Metrology Institute PTB.

It was put into operation in 1995 and it is to be used for measurement range from 1 MN to 32 MN.

The 32 MN force calibration machine has direct traceability to the German metrology standard, (PTB-Braunschweig).

The collective specialists have an experience of 10 years in the field of high force measurement.

The testing area is air conditioned.

Thecollective performs tests and calibrations for the force measuring equipment used in metallurgy, off-shore drilling and other industrial applications.

The collective provides technical facilities for a rapid manufacturing of the various accesories that are necessary for the tests.


At ICMET Craiova there is in operation beginning with 2000 an 1000 KN force calibration machine with lever amplification, transferred from PTB Berlin.
It enables the generation and measurement of 200 force steps of 5 KN each in the range 5-1000 KN with a measurement uncertainty of 0,0005.
In the future the 1000 KN force machine will be included in the standard list of Calibration Laboratory DKD-K-18701 by extending the force measuring range under 1 MN.

Calibration for which DKD accreditation is granted:

Measurand/calibration items Measuring range Standards and procedures Relative measurement uncertainty Testing and/or measuring equipment


calibration of force transducers
(compression forces)

0,2 MN to <0,5 MN

EN 10002-3

ISO 376

DKD R 3-3

32 MN force calibration machine with a reference force transducer system
0,5 MN to <1 MN
1 MN to 16 MN
> 16 MN to 32 MN

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