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As a result of the necessity to integrate Romania in European Union and to align, with that end in view, to the requirements of the European standards and market, ICMET set up a Body for Product Conformity Certification (ICMET-CERT) in the field of low, medium and high voltage electrical engineering, electro mechanics and power electronics.

ICMET-CERT develops its activity based on the own Quality System according to EN 45 011 standard requirements and carries out the product certification, by inspections/ assessment audits, initial/type tests performed in accredited testing laboratories and the assessment of the documents from the certification dossier.

This body for product conformity certification is accredited by RENAR (Certificate of Accreditation No.024 - C)

Actually, the body certifies products from the following groups (according to CPSA classification):

  • DC motors and generators - (3110.10)
  • AC multi-phase motors (with output between 750 W and 75 kW) - (3110.24)
  • AC multi-phase motors (with output higher than 75 kW) - (3110.25)
  • AC generators (alternators) with all power ranges (medium and high) - (3110.26)
  • transformers with liquid dielectric - (3110.41)
  • low power transformers without liquid dielectric (up to 16 kVA) - (3110.42)
  • high power transformers without liquid dielectric (above 16 kVA) - (3110.43)
  • reactors, static converters and other inductors - (3110.50)
  • parts of transformers, inductors and static converters - (3110.62)
  • medium and high voltage switchgear and control gear (circuit-breakers, disconnectors etc) - (3120.10)
  • low voltage fuses - (3120.21)
  • low voltage relays and contactors - (3120.24)
  • other low voltage apparatus (tapping sockets and plugs, connectors for electric
    cables, junction and dividing boxes - (3120.27)
  • high voltage cubicle switchgear and control gear (3120.32)
  • parts of switchgear and control gear (3120.40)

The phases of certification are:

1. Initiation of the certification - The supplier/client which intends to certify its product asks for the informative documents set which includes/contains: General rules for conformity certification, Taxes and Tariffs Regulations, Certification Procedure code PC-00 Annex D0 with the ICMET-CERT certification schemes, The conditions under which take place the withdrawal and cancellation of the Conformity Certificates code PC-10, The procedure referring to the confidentiality code PG-13, Invoice form for the conformity certification and the Assessment Enquiry for the preliminary assessment of the supplier;

2. Preliminary assessment of the supplier documents - The supplier/client sends and ICMET-CERT assesses: the technical normative towards which the certification is solicited/required (National/international/company/ product standard, Technical Specification etc.); the general description of the product/range; working instructions/technical book; designing and manufacturing drawings, diagrams of the components, subassemblies, circuits; description and explanations for better understanding of those presented before; results of designing calculations, the controls performed; list of the standards entirely or partially applied and a description of the solutions applied for fulfilling the essential safety requirements, in case of non-applying entirely the standards; others documents mentioned in the Request for certification Form; the Request for certification Form and Enquiry for preliminary assessment form filled in;

3. Performing the pre-assessment audit - only for the clients/suppliers which have no certified Quality System;

4. Performing the audit/inspection at the supplier's site
- ICMET-CERT performs the audit/inspection at the supplier's site, on the flow chart of the product for which the certification was solicited/required. On this occasion it is chosen the product/sample intended be tested in the laboratories with which the certification body has Collaboration convention or in the accredited laboratories chosen by the supplier/client;

5. Final assessment of the dossier and granting the Conformity certificate
- the assessment of the dossier is made by a team of two assessors, then the Certification Committee, including 5 members representatives of all interests in the certification, valuates the Final Assessment Report elaborated by this team. The granting of the certification is conditioned by the successfully settlement of the previous phase.

6. Surveillance during the validity period of the Conformity Certificate - is made by three surveillance audits programmed in the three years of the validity period; ICMET-CERT may perform unprogrammed audits in case of complaints received by the certification body referring to the certified product.

We mention that the certification body's activity is performed by technical experts of high qualification and professional profile, with national and international recognition.

Contact persons:

Head of Certification Body: Physicist Adelina Ionita
Telephone: 40 251 438 250
FAX: 40 251 415 482

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