CeEx Program

Laboratory for type examination of ISM band radio communications systems according to R&TTE Directive


Contracting authority: Romanian Accreditation Association – RENAR
Contractor: Research-Development and Testing National Institute for Electrical Engineering – ICMET Craiova

Program: CEEX – Excellency research
Project category/ project type: module IV – Development of the infrastructure for compliance evaluation and certification / P-CONFORM

Project acronym: LSRISM
Project duration: 17.08.2006 – 08.02.2008

Partners involved in the project:
Project Manager:

Research-Development and Testing National Institute for Electrical Engineering – ICMET Craiova
Project director: Eng. Ionel DUMBRAVA
Phone: +0351 402425

Main objective:
The project has as main objective the setting up of an accredited laboratory for the evaluation of radio communications system performances according to R&TTE Directive (Radio communications and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Industries) of European Union Council and Parliament (1999/5/EC) and according to HG 88/2003 (Government Decision).

Project achievement diagram:

2006 – Stage 1. Study of the requirements of Directive 1999/5/EC and of European norms specific to ISM band radio communications equipment.
Term: 30.11.2006

2007 – Stage 2. Drawing up, design and achievement of UHF laboratory operational model.
Term: 29.06.2007

2007 – Stage 3. Experiments in the new laboratory.
Term: 28.09.2007

2008 – Stage 4. Accreditation of the UHF measurement laboratory.
Term 08.02.2008

Potential users:
Companies manufacturing or importing wireless network equipment, peripherals or other intelligent equipment communicating in the RF and microwave range companies.

Technical, economic and social impact:
The project is finalized with the achievement of a laboratory which will perform accredited tests for radio and telecommunication terminals equipment in ISM band according to R&TTE Directive.
The testing of this equipment will lead to the trading and use of only the one with a safe operation and which does not affect the operation of other instruments or human health.
The testing laboratory supports the economic agents is achieving products with the technical parameters required by the standards. At the same time, the experimental facilities necessary to perform tests for the research of new products will be ensured.
The project contributes to the formation and qualification of the human resources from the product conformity evaluation infrastructure which uses new technologies.

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