CeEx Program

Mobile laboratory for the periodic metrological verification of power transformer monitoring equipment.


Contract: CEEX198/10.08.2006
Contracting authority: INFRAS program – Romanian Accreditation Association – RENAR

Project Manager: Dumitru SACERDOTIANU, candidate for a doctor’s degree – scientific researcher

Program: CEEX – Excellence research
Project class: module IV – Development of the infrastructure for conformity assessment and certification;
Project type: P-CONFORM
Project acronym: LAMOTEP
Period of project development: 10.08.2006 – 31.01 2008
Project total value: 619,500 lei
- source – state budget: 464,500 lei
- source – co-financing: 155,000 lei
Topics: Knowledge for the process of energy policy elaboration.

Overall purpose: The main purpose of this project is to develop and improve the performances and quality of the specific apparatus, equipment and installations necessary for performing the tests by setting up a mobile, metrologically accredited laboratory

Project finalizing way: Getting the accreditation of the mobile laboratory for periodic metrological verification of the equipment monitoring the power transformer operation.

Schedule for project achievement /Time table:

- Stage I
Study and analysis regarding the achievement of the mobile laboratory for periodic metrological verification of the monitoring equipment
Period: 10.08.2006 – 30.11.2006
Total value of the stage: 32,000 lei;

- Stage II
Implementation of the tests following to be accredited
Period: 30.11.2006 – 30. 04.2007
Total value of the stage: 387,500 lei;
- Stage IIIImplementation and analysis of the Quality System
Period: 30.04.2007 – 30. 09.2007
Total value of the stage: 88,500 lei;

- Stage IV-
Getting the accreditation of the mobile laboratory
Period: 30.09.2007 – 31. 01.2008
Total value of the stage: 112,500 lei;

Potential users:
- autochthonous producers which are obliged to keep in operation the products periodically verified from a metrological point of view.
- electric and thermal energy producers which use measuring, monitoring and control systems

- SC Hidroelectrica SA.
- SC Termocentrale SA and its subsidiaries
- Independent thermal power plants
- Nuclearoelectrica SA

- electricity transmitters: CN Transelectrica.
- electricity distributors: SC Electrica SA and its subsidiaries

Technical, economic and social impact

Technically and economically, the existence of a mobile test laboratory means that the conditions for maintaining in operation conforming products in the field of electric energy which is a top field, important for Romania and more and more competing, are assured.
This need becomes a major one, because the metrological control by an accredited laboratory which should apply the label “CONFORMING PRODUCT. Valid until…..” is necessary.
The existence of a mobile laboratory for metrological verifications supports the autochthonous economic agents in supplying electric energy at the qualitative and quantitative parameters required by the market.
The project objectives are converging towards the development of the metrology capability by creating and accrediting new components as well as by forming and training the human resources in the infrastructure of conformity assessment.
This implies trained specialists with permanent opportunities of knowledge improvement, for assuring a clean energy. Appropriate monitoring of power electric equipment will lead also to the avoidance of accidents affecting humans and polluting the environment: air pollution (fires), soil and water pollution with mineral oil, insulating materials etc.

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