CeEx Program

Low voltage laboratory for fuse testing according to 73/23 EEC Directive and European Norm EN 60269-4


Contract: CEEX Module IV C202/10.08.2006
Contracting Authority: Romanian Accreditation Association – RENAR Bucharest


Project Manager: eng. Marinela PETRESCU

Program: CEEX – Excellence research
Project class /Project type: Module IV – P-CONFORM
Project Acronym: AJT

Period of project development: 10.08.2006 - 30.01.2008

Project total value: 670,000 lei, from which - State budget: 500,000 lei
- Co-financing: 170,000 lei

Partners involved in the project:
Project leader/Partner 1: Research, Development and Testing National Institute for Electrical engineering – ICMET Craiova
Project manager: eng. Marinela PETRESCU

Topics: Knowledge for the process of energy policy elaboration.

The main purpose of this project is the accreditation of the tests for low voltage fuses. These tests have been required by different producers from Romania and we consider that nowadays they are not covered at national level.
The following tests and verifications will be proposed for accreditation:
- Temperature rise test of on-load fuses
- Verification of on-load dissipated power of fuses
- Verification of fuse time-current characteristic
The measurable objective is the Accreditation Certificate got from RENAR.

Project finalizing way:
Accreditation of the Low voltage laboratory for testing the fuses according to the Directive 73/23 EEC and European Norm EN 60269-4.

Schedule for project achievement /Time table:
2006 –Stage I/ Execution documentation Low voltage laboratory for testing the fuses.
Period: 10.08.2006 - 20.11.2006
Total value of the stage: 80,000 lei
2007- Stage II/ Achievement of Low voltage laboratory for testing the fuses
Period: 21.11.2006 – 20.05.2007
Total value of the stage: 430,000 lei
2007 – Stage III/ Performances of the circuits for testing the low voltage fuses
Period: 21.05.2007 – 20.09.2007
Total value of the stage: 105,000 lei
2008 –Stage IV/ Laboratory accreditation
Period: 21.09.2007 – 30.01.2008
Total value of the stage: 55,000 lei

Potential users:
ICMET Craiova
Autochthonous producers of low voltage fuses

Technical, economic and social impact:
Technically, the existence of a testing laboratory means that the conditions for developing a conforming product are assured.
After the design stage, a test stage is absolutely necessary. In this stage, the product qualities and defects are identified
For the companies in Romania, having their own laboratory is a luxury they cannot afford, at least in this stage of economic development.
That is why the existence of properly endowed laboratories is a necessity for the operation of small and medium enterprises.
This necessity becomes a major one when the certification of their products with the requirements of European Norms taken over in Romania is wanted; without test reports issued by an accredited laboratory, the CE marking could not be applied, and without this marking, the EU market penetration is not possible.
The impact on economic and social plan results clearly from the above mentioned.
The existence of some testing laboratories supports technically and logistically the autochthonous economic agents which, in their turn, produce marketable goods, and based on the got incomes are developing further on.
This means new investments and jobs, also better wages. So, a beneficial economic and social impact is generated, and all starts from the existence of properly endowed laboratories.

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