CeEx Program

System for bushing monitoring with a view to preventing ecological disasters caused by high power transformer damaging


Contract no: CEEX Module I C155/ 20.07.2006
Contracting authority: The Managerial Agency for Scientific Research, Innovation and Technological Transfer “Politehnica” Bucharest
Contractor: Research, Development and Testing National Institute for Electrical Engineering - ICMET Craiova
Project manager: eng. Iulian Hurezeanu

Program: CEEX - Excellence research
Project type: P-CD
Project Acronym: MONBUSHING

Period of project development: 20.07.2006 - 20.09.2008
Project total value: 1,124,000 lei
From budget: 1,000,000 lei
Co-financing: 124,000 lei
Partners involved in the project:
Project leader - P1 - Research, Development and Testing National Institute for Electrical Engineering - ICMET Craiova
- eng. Iulian Hurezeanu– Project manager
Partner 2 – Technical University - Cluj-Napoca
- Prof. dr. eng. Virgil Maier – Project responsible
Partner 3 – Technical University - Bucharest
- Prof. dr. eng. Nicolae Cupcea - Project responsible
Partner 4 - University of Craiova, Faculty of Automatics, Computers and Electronics
- Prof. dr. eng. Dorina-Mioara Purcaru - Project responsible
Partner 5 - SC SMART SA
- Eng. Constantin Budriga - Project responsible
- Eng. Gheorghe Parvu - Project responsible
Partner 7 - IPA SA Bucharest
- eng. Gabriel Vladut - Project responsible
Partner 8 - SC VIG IMPEX SRL Craiova
- Dr. eng. Ion Purcaru - Project responsible

5/5.7 – Intelligent power systems
5/5.8 – Energy efficiency and energy saving
5/5.9 – Knowledge for the process of energy policy elaboration

Technological platform:
PT17 - Clean Power

General purpose:
The complex proposed project has many scientific, technical, economic and social objectives, all in accordance with the objectives of the platform, national program CEEX , and also with the strategies of Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development PT17, national strategy in the field and strategies of the participating institutions.
The main scientific objective is the development of new concepts, theories and solutions for surveillance, monitoring and diagnosis with a view to developing an intelligent power system.

General objectives

* Increase of the quality of personnel training, research and innovative capability of the involved partners related to European objectives, by:
- Human resource development;
- Founding of a survey collective;
Improvement of the labor safety conditions and environment quality;
- Development of the links between fundamental research – applied research – industrial users;
- Extension of inter-disciplinary areas and co-operations;
- Increase of the number of candidates for a doctor’s degree and doctors of science;
* Increase of national/international image quality

Stage objectives
- Development of new concepts, theories and solutions regarding the methods for calculating the quantities characterizing the bushings: tan d, capacitive current, bushing capacity;
- Mathematic modeling for determining these quantities;
- Software implementation of mathematic solutions;
- Achievement of a software package for the acquisition, processing and on-line change of the monitored quantities;
- Achievement of a program package for communication and data transfer to PC with a view to processing and diagnosing;
- Drawing up a calibration procedure for the bushing monitoring equipment;
- Drawing up of a procedure for analyzing and diagnosing the condition of the
equipment within the national power grid (SEN) .

Project finalizing way: Achievement of functional models, experiments and demonstration of their functionality

Schedule for project achievement:
2006 - Stage I: Studies on the development of the theoretical support necessary to the methods of monitoring for the bushings fitting out the power transformers
Period: 20.07.2006 - 05.12.2006
2007 – Stage II: Completion of solutions; drawing up of execution documentation for functional models; drawing up of specialized software; equipment purchase
Period: 06.12.2006 - 20.09.2007
2008 – Stage III: Achievement of functional models and implementation of the system for monitoring the bushings which fit out the high power transformers
Period: 21.09.2007 - 20.04.2008
Stage IV: Studies on the experimental validation of the monitoring methodology. Functionality demonstration
Period: 21.04.2008 - 20.09.2008

Potential users:
Main companies from the National Power Grid:
- Transelectrica SA;
- Electrica SA;
- Hidroelecrica SA;
- Termoelectrica SA.

Technical, economic and social impact

The main technical impact of this project is generated by the fact it perfectly complies with the requirements of the European technological platform in the field, also of the industrial partners. The project structures the activities according to Government Decision no.1579. By applying the project results, one expects an increase of the turnover and profit of the companies involved in the project, also the capability of implementing software products. The products contributes in creating better labor and life conditions, in health care inclusively, opportunities for education, training, technologic transfer, creation of new jobs with high professional level, production increase and young, specialized force labor hiring.
With a rigorous monitoring, accurate interpretations of the diagnoses and realistic implementation of the operation/maintenance strategies, the following will be achieved:
- Identification of the economical loading of the assets and assessment of the maximum operational efficiency;
- Minimization of the premature fault risk;
- Estimation of the residual lifetime and early planning of asset removal/replacement
- Extension of the lifetime by implementing the right strategies of operation and cost-effective strategies of maintenance
- Improvement of the system performance, assuring an increased reliability and availability of the equipment
- Minimization of the operational costs, for long term
- Cost saving by eliminating the non-planned maintenance
- Minimization of downtime periods
- Planning of relocation/putting out of operation
- Early purchasing of the spare parts for getting a competitive productivity
- Increase of overall reliability of the system
- Right risk management
- Data mining for foreseeing the future behavior
- Use of expert systems for getting maximum information referring to diagnosis and signature,
optimal benefit got from the investment for monitoring
The main objective of the project is the dissemination of information and knowledge within the academic and industrial community in Romania, aiming at the maximal amplification of the scientific and technical impact in the national community of specialists within the concerned fields.

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